Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday Wrap-Up...parte una

I've decided to use this day to ponder what the week has produced. So, as I sit here with my first cup of coffee for the day and look around the room of many changes, aka "the girls' room" or "Spare Oom" or "the room formerly known as Squirrel's room", the first thing that comes to mind is the chameleon-like nature of this room. This week I've moved my knitting library in here along with various knitting accoutrements so I really am thinking of it more as the knitting room, or the craft room (due to copious amounts of quilting fabric and supplies) or, even better, The Studio. Yes, I like that.

So, The Studio has most of the necessities of life now:
1 - The mighty Wombat of DOOM Computer (in order to read blogs, listen to podcasts, or listen to music to knit by)
2- The TV with DVD player. Many, many thanks to my dad for these (which is a story in itself - more on this at a later date) so I can watch entire seasons of my favourite shows whilst knitting (Buffy marathon, anyone?)
3 - Fairly decent lighting plus two windows for natural light
4 - The knitting library
5 - The knitting stash is nearby (in the master bedroom across the hall) plus more stash in The Studio closet (currently sharing space with the out-of-season clothes but that is about to be rectified since I made an area in my bedroom closet for these non-knitting items when I moved the library in here)
6 - An adjoining bathroom (no explanation necessary if you remember I'm up here for hours on end, drinking coffee and knitting)
7 - The washer and dryer are right outside the door so I can do a modicum of housework while only taking 3 steps outside my studio.
8 - And there's still enough room for the girls to have school in here, with a bookcase for their educational stuff.

I sometimes wonder, should the management realize how cool this room really is, would they raise my rent? Inquiring minds...

The only thing lacking in The Studio is a good knitting chair with better back support. The one I have is comfy but too squooshy (I guess that's because it's the mamma bear's chair). Everybody loves to sit in it and immediately wants to take it home. But I can tell you that I know it's time for a friendly visit to Captain Chiro after a few days of mondo-knitting sessions.

I guess now I need to take some pictures to illustrate this post...but first I must finish this coffee while I write...parte due...What happens in the outside world while I'm too wrapped up in listening to multiple podcasts by Lime & Violet to know there really is a world outside The Studio...or...David Tennant's quitting Dr. Who?? How did that happen???

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