Saturday, 29 November 2008

More Ramblings for Catch-up Posting

Today was Friday? How did that happen? Are you sure it wasn't Saturday? Boy, this is going to be one crazy weekend.

So, today Dad came over in order to work on my sewing nook and get it more "user friendly" - yep. That was the plan. Unfortunately, we kind of had one of those "one step forward and two steps back" kind of days. He is making this really cool addition to my sewing machine desk/cabinet so the Bernina will fit down into it (now that I've relegated the Singer Golden Touch&Sew to Dad's basement). Today's dry run proved that it needs to be a wee bit larger and about 3/4 inch less deep. So, that went back home with him for fine-tuning. When I post pictures, it will be more obvious what I'm talking about here; in the meantime, it's probably difficult to imagine - sorry.

The second project was to install track lighting above the sewing area. This was a two-person job with me standing on the desk and dad on a step-stool. There was much meticulous measuring, drilling, hammering, and screwdriver-ing and the toggle bolts were finally into the ceiling and the base for the track lighting was up and...installed upside down. Don't even ask how we managed it but we did. And, in order to take the track down, we had to take the toggle bolts completely out which means...yes...the toggles are now stranded up in the ceiling and we have to buy more to install it the correct way. The project will resume next week after Dad builds the desk insert and we run up to Lowe's for lots of hooks to use on my pegboard which he installed last week.

The nook is really going to be awesome when we finish. So many things will be handy - either hanging or in the desk drawers. And having the Bernina sit down into the cabinet will be much easier on my back. Oh, yeah, I forgot one thing that did turn out right today. Dad took the cord for my Singer Featherweight and was able to add about a foot onto it so there is more length from the machine to the foot pedal. Previously, the cord was just barely long enough to touch the floor and it was rather annoying. So this is a great improvement. See - we did accomplish something today!

Next post will have more pictures and I'll try to remember what in the heck I did for the past umpteen days.

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