Saturday, 24 October 2009

And now for something completely different

So, I was just trying to rest and the phone rang. In an effort to reach across the bed to the bookcase to get the phone, I pulled whatever muscle in my arm has been giving me so much grief lately and the pain that shot through me was about debilitating. I screamed (yes, thank goodness I was the only one in the house) and it brought me to tears for a couple of minutes. I wish I had something stronger than ibuprofen for the pain, but if it gets worse, I think I'm just going to head to the hospital down the road a couple of miles and tough it out in the emergency room.

This will definitely put a kink in my reading plans for the rest of the day because I just don't know how I will be feeling. I am going to just do what I can and then blog about it either later tonight or tomorrow. I don't think I'm up to doing the hourly posts. It really hurts to use the mouse on the computer - pulls up in that muscle in my upper arm. I may have to retire from the computer for awhile to see if I get some relief. Also, am heading for the cold pack again.

I will attempt to read the Joan Aiken book, various chapters of Bill Bryson, and start on the new Terry Pratchett. And, should I end up heading to the emergency room, you know I'll have a couple of books with me.

See y'all later!

Nap time

Okay, getting up early on a Saturday has finally caught up with me so, after reading the first chapter of Mr. Bryson, I am going to get some shuteye and I shall return. I have decided to alternate between his book and Joan Aiken's Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

More later ...

Yes, I took a lunch break

Still being a healthy wombat reader today, I had a bean burrito and some brown rice. Whist eating, I perused some of the other blogs and tried to avoid comparing how much I've read against some of the seasoned readathon participants. I updated my Shelfari books and will probably take the next 15 minutes of this hour to meander through my TBR pile to see what else I want to attack today. I know the new Terry Pratchett is calling to me but I think I may go with another shorter one before I dive into it.

Until then, Bill Bryson and his humour will certainly keep me amused.

BTW, I just love reading everyone's comments. Yea for the cheerleaders!

1pm to 2pm - On to a new book

So, I finished The Bell Jar - 60 pages.

And now for something less depressing - Bill Bryson! Notes From a Small Island. :-)

Amazingly, I've only read 210 pages today. Feels like a lot more,though.

I hope everyone is having a great time with the Read-a-thon. I can't wait to read everyone's blogs to see how things went.

A Decision

Well, in the shower I did make a decision about the next book. One of my favourite authors is Bill Bryson and I happen to have several of his books and I really don't remember which ones I've read. So, I'm going to read Notes From A Small Island. It may be a re-read but that's okay. I'm sure I'll like it.

Now to finish the last 20 pages of The Bell Jar. Esther has been in the asylum and, having never read this, I don't know what's going to happen next. She just had shock treatment.

Noon to 1pm

Had to take a break to eat something so I fixed something quick - cheese toast - yum!

Back to the book and I'm up to page 184. Esther's in suicide mode now.

I plan to finish the book and then take a break for a shower and actually getting dressed -what a concept. :-) While showering I can contemplate which of my TBR collection I will choose next.

11am to Noon - Getting better

Okay, I probably read for about 50 minutes and accomplished 57 pages. Things are going more smoothly. Except that my arm is beginning to ache. This is a probably I've had for a few months, necessitating visits to my chiropractor and something I'm doing now - ice packs. So, I'll be popping the ice pack on for 15 minutes and off for 45 whilst reading today.

The Bell Jar has moved from Esther's New York adventures to her sliding into depression back home. It actually is a fast read and I only have a tad over a hundred pages to go.

Now that's I've drunk two cups of coffee, I need to actually make time for "pit stops" and I'm going to have to take the book with me because I don't want to put it down! :-D

Hour Two and I am now moving away from the computer

Yes, it is my compulsion to peruse Facebook that is just eating my time. So, I am now pushing the computer away from me and avoiding it until I post again at noon. Period. End of statement.

I have only read another 30 pages of The Bell Jar because I kept wandering over to see what was happpening on Mafia and Vampire Wars. Not because the book isn't interesting but because I am totally having "ooh, shiny" moments.

Look for a much better wrap-up at noon. Really.

And thanks to the cheerleaders! Y'all rock!

Hour One and a Slow Start

Well, this multi-tasking is going to have to stop because I am languishing in The Bell Jar with no end in sight. Bad reader, no cookie. I have been doing all my normal facebook noodling around and that shall come to a screaching halt now.

Minutes read in first hour - 40
Pages read - 30

I'll be back reading shortly after flogging myself and promising to do better during the next hour.

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon 2009

Okay, I'm going to attempt the Read-a-Thon for the first time today. Unfortunately, there are a few other things I will be attempting to do simultaneously so we'll see how that works. Multitasking, thy name is Patti.

So, for starters, I'm having coffee with Sylvia Plath. I thought I would begin with something short and, having never read The Bell Jar, this seemed a likely candidate.

I shall report in later with regular updates.

And, yes, for my knitting friends, I am also doing a bit of knitting whilst reading. How can I not? The knitting project is a cropped hoodie cardigan for Caitlin that I am adapting from a Knitty pattern. I'll add a link later because Sylvia is beckoning.

To all the Read-a-thon participants - Good Luck and happy reading!

Hour One – 9 - 10 am

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