Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Movies

So today I was thinking about my favourite movies that I like to watch during the Christmas season and I thought I would just make a list. Feel free to comment on my choices and leave a list of your favourites, too.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Christmas Toy
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th Street
Muppet Christmas Carol
White Christmas

Another of my faves, which is not available on DVD, is John Denver and The Muppets:A Christmas Together from 1979.

Today, in Borders, the music from Charlie Brown Christmas was playing and I got all nostalgic and wanted to go home and watch every Christmas movie I have. Then I remembered that I still need to buy Charlie Brown, Christmas Toy, Grinch, and Miracle. I'm sure a couple of them are on video in Mom's old collection but I would have to play them on the smaller tv so maybe I'll find them on sale somewhere during the holiday season.

Perhaps I will wax nostalgic about holiday music for my next post and list my favourite cd's for the season. :-)

It is Midnight...Happy December!

Nearly forgot - I finished reading Midnight in the Garden (finally) so Heather can borrow it and now I am reading:

Diana Wynne Jones Volume I in The Chronicles of Chrestomanci
Truman Capote Portraits and Observations
Joe Lee Dante for Beginners
Monica Furlong Zen Effects, The Life of Alan Watts

Also, tonight I bought Valkyrie in anticipation that I will have time to read it before the movie comes out later this month. (Except that just this minute I noticed that, in the fine print on the cover, it says it is an abridgement of the book To The Bitter End so I guess I am going to have to order it and exchange this one. I really despise abridgements. sigh.)

And, just so I don't leave out any obligatory knitting content, I finished a lovely black pair of men's fingerless gloves for a customer (yea! money is good) and a plum pair for a special young lady in Texas. The picture of hers will be up tomorrow because I'm just too tired to take pics tonight.

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Paul F. McDonald said...

And don't forget Doctor Who. We'll have to watch some Doctor Who.