Friday, 31 October 2008

Several Scarves!

Well, hooray, I have finished 3 scarves in the past week. The first is for Heather, based on the Matthew pattern by Myrna Stahman. This is a wool blend and is about 36" x 6".

Next up is another one from the same green wool blend. It is a lace diamonds pattern stitch with moss stitch borders. This one ended up being 31" x 8".
Finally, scarf number 3 is from a navy wool blend that has little sprinklets of other colours just tossed in to make it interesting. I used a fishtail lace pattern for it with moss stitch borders also. It turned out to be 33" x 7".

I am going to move on to fingerless gloves and hats next. Playing with the patterns is really a lot of fun and keeps things from getting too repetitious. Plus, I have been listening to Lime & Violet's podcastswhile knitting which really makes the time fly by. I have found that my knitting goes along much quicker when I'm listening rather than trying to watch DVD's, which was my previous SOP. And, unfortunately, if I'm perusing my crafty blogs for inspiration, the knitting speed slows to something like the speed of slugs.

I didn't find a sincere pumpkin patch to hang out in tonight so I guess I'll be knitting at home. If anyone sees The Great Pumpkin, tell him I said "hey" and ask if he wants to place an order for a hat. :-)

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