Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another finished hat - yea!

Well, I just finished the second of the slouch hats and am really loving the pattern but hating working on black yarn. My eyes are so tired and I think I need a miner's hat with the light in the front in order to see what I'm doing. I keep moving from one lamp in the house to another, looking for just the right amount of light. Suffice it to say, I begged Guili to choose a light colour for her hat and, bless her, she chose a mint green. :-)

Pictured above is Mary with the latest Gretel hat. I love the way the patterning decreases are just clicking in my brain now. I can anticipate what the pattern needs to do instead of just being a blind follower. Elizabeth Zimmermann would be proud of me.

Giuli started knitting something for the Squirrel the other day so I'm putting up pictures of her here, also. Today Mary was sewing, Giuli was picking out fabric for a stuffed animal she wants to make, I was! All that artistic talent in just one house. Can you tell we are very right-brained around here?


Anonymous said...

AHHAHAHAhA, an ETC shirt.

Giuliana said...

Aha. Now I need to remeber how to bind off and sew it together to make *DUNDUNDDUNDDUDNDUNDUDNDUDUDNUDN* CAITLIN'S PRESENT! :D