Monday, 3 November 2008

Knitting Woes

On those days where nothing seems to turn out right with ye olde knitting, when every one row you knit causes you to rip out two in its place, when you see that the stitches you thought were just the right amount to allow for the thumb hole turn out to be too many and you're going to have to rip it again...

...thank goodness you can still find some solace in knowing that... are now a LEVEL 9 BARBARIAN!!!!

Yes, some of us are more easily amused than others.

And now, I shall listen to my Skynext podcast and cast on for some fingerless gloves out of a different weight yarn and try to clear the Studio of all the bad chi left over from the frogging.

BTW, for those Sarah Connor Chronicles fans out there...can you freakin' believe tonight's episode????

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