Monday, 10 November 2008

Wombat Squeals of Glee!

Too bad we don't have audio or you could hear the estatic wombat squeals of glee due to the UPS guy delivering only the best set of knitting books known to man/wombat. Yes, indeed, it is the holy grail of knitting - every pattern in the known world (or close to it) right here in the four-volume Barbara Walker Treasury. This is designer nirvana...wombat paroxyms of bliss...I simply must swatch every one of these'll be in my bunk.

Almost forgot, yesterday I finally sauntered to the mail box after several days of avoidance and found a lovely, thick and squishy envelope that came from Australia! :-) Yarn samples...and in purple, no less, from Thicket. Of course, I want many skeins of each because they are just yummy!

Mmmm...imagine scrumptious purple yarn and new pattern books. Life doesn't get much better.


Paul F. McDonald said...

I am so sorry I missed this. Nothing makes me happier than to hear my wombat squeal with glee. That's the way I feel everytime I see you. I just don't do it in public, because that could get strange after awhile.

Anonymous said...

Were these free samples? I want some free yarn samples. I bet Lainey does, too.