Wednesday, 29 October 2008

On The Design Front

Just a quickie update while my brain is going in way too many directions. No pictures today, but here's what I'm sketching and/or brainstorming about:

Baby blankets
Fingerless gloves/wristers
Scarf/ascot/warm-your-neck thingees (yes, that is the technical term)
Slouchy hats (kind of like a beret, only more relaxed)

Note to those of you who read the Amelia Peabody series of books by Elizabeth Peters. I'm thinking I need something similar to her belt-of-many-purposes so I don't have to hunt down my various tote bags whenever I need to measure/cut/dig up a stitch marker/find the ibuprofen/count rows/etc., etc., etc. I mean, seriously, you just can't hang that many things around your neck without it being way too cumbersome. Even when I keep most everything for my current project in one tote, if I alternate amongst the many projects I have going, I really don't want to have to regroup just as I walk out the door because the "necessaries" are in another bag. Perhaps something along the lines of a carpenter's tool belt. hmm...

And, speaking of tote bags - the other night a friend of mine asked me why I kept my knitting in an insulated tote. I never really thought about it but, yeah, it is insulated. I just picked it out because it is squarish and I don't have to worry about it falling over all the time like most other bags. Sure, it doesn't hold all that much but it is perfect for the smallish projects that I seem to be concentrating on now. Also, it has a nice outside pocket to store my (apparently) shy cell phone which is always hiding at the bottom of any bloody thing I carry it in. I shall have to think of something witty for future questions though - perhaps my knitting designs are so hot that I have to guard against spontaneous combustion?

Talk about a strange segue - from knitting to spontaneous combustion. Only the brain of someone with way too much obscure info packed into it could pull that one off.

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