Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Easily Amused

So I had to go over to Knit Wars and post my accomplishments for the day. That would be lots of knitting, a bit more tinking than I would have liked (drat those two stitches that just disappeared without even waving "goodbye" - I hunted them down and found them about 4 rows back but it seemed more like 40), some KIP time at the Borders at Stonecrest Mall, and now I'm looking at the yarn for scarf number 3! Hooray - I'll start that one tomorrow.

So, what is it that has amused me quite so easily? Well, over on Knit Wars you accumulate some pretty nifty inventory as you amass points. I was perusing my "stash" and found the following:


Medallion of Good Playership, Golden Row Counter, Tome of Perseverance, Certificate of Guilt Free Stash Enhancement, Gift Certificate of Guilt-Free Yarnage, Crown What Says "Weird Fiber Lady" and 237 gold pieces.

Okay, the Crown What Says "Weird Fiber Lady" just got me giggling. I'm sure if my girls read this I can count on one or more of them making some wacky sort of crafty goodness that mildly resembles said crown. I mean, this is the gang that comes up with pipe cleaner creations like the one below...
This is the mouse in an exercise wheel that is supposed to be my pet substitute since I can't have animals here in the condo. Mary made it - it's in 3D and sits on top of my computer. I love animals that don't eat anything and you don't have to clean their cages or take them for walks. :-)

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