Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Finally Finished!

Last night was a Kill Bill-athon. We watched both movies and I knitted for about 4 hours. So, around 2am or so, I finally finished my socks and promptly slipped them on, was grateful for the chilly weather, and slept in them. Lots of sock-y happiness! And, lest we forget the reason I knit more often socks of the toe-up category, let us take a look at the amount of yarn left over from this venture.I kid you not - this is how close I cut this. I had originally planned on 6 rows of ribbing, but changed it to 5. And, since I always have problems getting the bind-off stretchy enough, I used a needle several sizes larger to see how that would work. Lo, and behold, I got a perfectly stretchy finish. Those of us with less-than-svelte ankles appreciate a truly elastic-y top to our socks.
On the scarf front, let's take a look at how far along I've come. I think I worked on the scarf through Kill Bill I and the socks through II. I didn't want to slight either project, you know.

My Knit Wars status certainly took a leap during that knitting frenzy but I am becoming quite obsessed with making sure I keep accurate records of my time. Last night, I even pulled out the stopwatch. Can we say OCD much?

Another one of my obsessions is blog reading. My list here is by no means a fraction of the ones I follow - rather like the neverending blogroll. Of course, when I'm visiting someone's blog, I have to take a look at who he/she reads, and then I might end up reading five or six new ones and...well, you know how that goes. I'm almost afraid to put my actual list here because it might be longer than my blog posts. There are so many incredibly talented people out there that I just can't resist looking at all those fantastic creations. Thank goodness I can knit while reading them all...and thank YOU for reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

YAY scarf! YAY scarf!

How do you think it came to be that "scarf" means both a sometimes woolen length of cloth one wraps around one's neck AND to eat something voraciously?

Or is the latter meaning of "scarf" just a family one?

Paul F. McDonald said...

Those should now be christened the Awesome Socks of Awesomeness.

Paul F. McDonald said...

And yes, I'm still trying to figure out how your blog rates a post-grad reading level and yet mine is still stuck in high school. Hmm. Maybe it's because I put up the Clone Wars Visual Guide as reading material at Good Reads.

Pretentious Wombat said...

To Smooty Girl - I think you will just scarf up this scarf when it is finished ;-)