Sunday, 25 April 2010

Who turned out the lights?

I'm posting around 3:30am after a couple of power outages just because I am wide awake and decided a short post is better than no post at all.

Around 1am we decided to watch some Doctor Who because we're just on a roll like that. Friday night we watched The Deadly Assassin (Tom Baker) and we began The Talons of Weng Chiang after a short power outage shortly before 12:45. Now, mind you, at this point there was no severe weather. Earlier we had lots of thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and even tornado watches. But things were rather peaceful when things went black. Throwing caution to the wind, we settled in for some Who-viewing.

Unfortunately, we had only watched part one when the power left us again. Interesting timing, too, because it was at the exact break in the programming. Right after the giant rat made its appearance.

I had the laptop on so there was some light in the living room but with the Internet gone, all I had to do was playing Spider Solitaire for a bit. With about 30 minutes battery time left, I decided to give up and track down the candles, forgetting one of Murphy's Laws which says that as soon as you get the candles lit the lights will come back on. sigh. Of course.

So, I think I'll knit for a while before I turn in. I'm pretty excited about my knitting - I've learned a new technique. Since I'm in a shawl mood and can look forward to long rows of purling on the wrong side (eek!) I tracked down some instructions for Portuguese-style knitting which has much smaller movements, particularly when purling. After about 30 minutes of practice, I've pretty well got it down so I'm good to go on the shawl. I'm no speed demon but I do like having another method to turn to when the project calls for it.

I'll put pictures of the work in progress tomorrow.

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Paul F. McDonald said...

Your new knitting technique is pretty rad. It's the envy of all the cool kids in the neighborhood. You got mad skills.

Now if only we could do something about that giant rat infesting the sewers!