Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dragon*Con 2010, Part One

After a long hiatus, why not return with something spectacular like Dragon*Con? So, here goes.

I'll start with the pre-con week. What do I usually do right before con? Certainly, it's not anything as mundane as laundry and packing. Nope, it's costume time. And my girls descended on my abode early in the week with their scathingly brilliant ideas, fabric, glue guns, and accessories. We were back in the pre-con sewing frenzy.

Now, this costuming brainstorm devised by Caitlin and Mary also needed to be kept secret until the Sunday of D*C so I had to post enigmatic status reports on Facebook and keep photos to a minimum. So, I took these:

Altogether, I think sewing took 3 days but the results were spectacular. The girls worked their magic with their hats and accessories whilst I concentrated on their bloomers. I ended up making Mary's twice because I really didn't like the results of the first try. So, after a trip to Joann's for more fabric and trim, a complete reworking of the pattern (I ended up redrafting one from her measurements instead of trying to alter Caitlin's pattern) and more late-night stitching, I was finally pleased with the results. Best of all, they fit!

Of course, no trip to D*C can be planned without Grampa's help in the snack department so he brought about 3 bags full of crackers, granola bars, and other pretty healthful foods. (Okay, we won't count the Pop-tarts.) Mary and I were planning on a Friday and Sunday excursion whilst Paul was only going to be able to join us on Sunday due to work scheduling. Caitlin would try to get there on Friday night but definitely be there for Sunday evening. That was our plan and we actually did pretty well sticking to it.

End of pre-con phase. Note to self, getting to sleep around 4am is not usually a good idea when the alarm is set to go off at 8am. Just sayin' . . .

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