Monday, 6 April 2009

I read way too many blogs...

...and I often want to share lots of them with you, dear unsuspecting reader, but I don't for fear I will overwhelm you with the sheer numbers of what I deem "must read" posts.

I will make an exception for this one because it is about bunnies and, other than poor Anya in Buffy, most people are suckers for cute, soft, cuddly bunnies. This, unfortunately, translates into parents' impulse purchases of the little critters for their irresponsible children who get bored with them after a fairly short period of changing cages and supplying fresh food and water.

Seriously, folks, what do you expect from a couple of generations of youngsters raised by a children's program which geared its attention-span length to that of a television commercial? (Nope, I didn't make that up. I researched this well-known tv show when it launched on PBS back in the early 70's. Segments were produced to replicate commercials because they appealed to children's short attention spans.) Is it any wonder that we are now dealing with those same tots who are all grown-up (cough) and still can't sit still long enough to read a book because they are easily distracted by...ooh, shiny!

But I digress. And I publicly apologize for ever making fun of Mr. Rogers. I remember weeks they would stage an opera/operetta over a period of five episodes! Five episodes? Without chopping things up into 60-second segments? Say it isn't so...okay, stop me now before I go off on another tangent.

Anyway...back to the bunnies. I just read this post at the blog, HoundsGood - Chronicles of a Virtual Volunteer. Thank goodness it has a happy ending for Sweet. Considering my background in guinea pig rescueland, I can tell you that not all endings are so lovely.

So, before you or your friends even think about getting a darling little furbaby for a child's pet, (and I know the temptation is great with Easter right around the corner) please a)read that blog post; b)read it AGAIN and c)if you decide you really, really need a rabbit for a pet, check out the House Rabbit Society nearest you.

That was also my public service announcement for the month. Unless some other blog smacks me upside the head with something else I absolutely have to share.

Oh, yeah, I am still knitting on the toe-up socks and, much to my chagrin, the first one is finished but it doesn't have much stretch to it so it is snug...too snug. grrr... This may lead to some frogging.

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