Saturday, 17 January 2009

Time for a Career Change?

Have you heard about the Best Job In The World? If you missed out on the announcement, check it out here. The job description reads: Tourism Queensland is seeking applicants for the best job in the world! The role of Island Caretaker is a six-month contract, based on luxurious Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a live-in position with flexible working hours and key responsibilities include exploring the islands of the Great Barrier Reef to discover what the area has to offer. You’ll be required to report back on your adventures to Tourism Queensland headquarters in Brisbane (and the rest of the world) via weekly blogs, photo diary, video updates and ongoing media interviews. On offer is a unique opportunity to help promote the wondrous Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Huh. Interesting, eh? Upon further reading, I found that a few of the duties are to feed the fish, clean the pool, and collect the mail. Well, that gives 3 of the kids something to do. I would imagine Michael could clean the pool, Mary could feed the fish, and Giuli can collect the mail. So far, so good.

Here are the qualifications:
- Excellent interpersonal communication skills (Yeah, I think I inherited that quality from my dad)

- Good written and verbal English skills (Do we even need to go into my dream of being the Gordon Ramsay of grammar??)

- An adventurous attitude (Can we say Uptown in Charlotte NC because I "thought" I could remember where things were since I had lived there about 20 years before?)

- Willingness to try new things (Obviously, since I don't like doing any one thing for too long lest I get bored.)

- A passion for the outdoors (crap...wombats do prefer their burrows)

- Good swimming skills and enthusiasm for snorkelling and/or diving (I would gladly learn to snorkel)

- Ability to engage with others (See previous note about the genetic thing I got from the Italian side of my family)

- At least one year’s relevant experience (Hey - I can make anything relevant if I have to.)

Okie doke - it's 39 degrees outside and I'm bundled up in flannel and wool - yeah, I'm ready to apply. Who wouldn't?

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