Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Still Catching Up

I always seem to let too many days go by without blogging and then I have to wrack my poor little brain to try to remember (cue Fantasticks music) what in the world has happened. Ah well, here no particular order.

Sunday was the annual Knitathon for Knitting4Children. I ended up knitting for about 8 hours at various and sundry times of the wee hours of the morning and early afternoon. I thought I would pull the 9-midnight shift but actually crashed around 10pm for a change. Thank goodness I knew there were other people signed up for those time slots. I started working on a design of my own for a chemo cap that is in the slouch hat style that I made for my girls. This is in a children's size and I'm really having fun with all the cabling. It's a very organic process, I'm finding. I really have to use my math geekiness to figure out how to increase evenly and keep the cabling neat and orderly. So far, I haven't had to frog very often but it really is taking quite a while to finish. Of course, I have to write down every single thing I'm doing or I'll be quite lost when I try to duplicate the pattern, so that's adding to the total design time. When I finish, I will probably post the pattern (after I get several other people to test knit it for me) to the K4C patterns so our other members can use it as well. I've already decided to name the pattern "Lorraine" after our K4C founder.

Yesterday, my dad came over with the latest of his carpentry projects. I promise to take pictures and put them up tomorrow...really. After finishing up the sewing nook, I thought I'd take him upstairs to my computer desk to ask his opinion about adding some type of shelves running along the back and one side of the desk. I needed the monitor raised up, so I stop hunching over all the time and, if we added an L-shaped unit, I could move a few things up on the shelves and have room underneath, too. As always, Dad had a vision of how to make this and he brought over newly-painted shelves that are about six inches high and I have lots more room on my desk. It is awesome!

As it is about 2am and I'm trying to get back on some sort of a schedule I will end this with a teaser of tomorrow's attractions...Caitlin's finished blanket, more Christmas pictures, the computer shelves, and the chemo cap.

Oh yes. The kids were here today for school and, seeing as how Captain Jack and Commodore Norrington were happily frolicking in their clean cages, Mary mentioned "The Guinea Pig Song" something I had totally forgotten about. I leave you with that unforgettable classic...

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