Saturday, 24 October 2009

Yes, I took a lunch break

Still being a healthy wombat reader today, I had a bean burrito and some brown rice. Whist eating, I perused some of the other blogs and tried to avoid comparing how much I've read against some of the seasoned readathon participants. I updated my Shelfari books and will probably take the next 15 minutes of this hour to meander through my TBR pile to see what else I want to attack today. I know the new Terry Pratchett is calling to me but I think I may go with another shorter one before I dive into it.

Until then, Bill Bryson and his humour will certainly keep me amused.

BTW, I just love reading everyone's comments. Yea for the cheerleaders!


Trisha said...

I've become obsessed with short books today, gazing right over my longer choices and selecting light YAL Lit. Happy Reading!

Beth F said...

Bryson is a great choice!

Linda said...

Love your choices! Doing great.